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The Water

blog 19 marzo 2021

The Water

Hello Family LAUH365.

Let’s talk about the water. I constantly get questions like “how much water should I drink per day?” or “is water good for weight loss?”. This is the reason why I decided to make this BLOG, to explain everything related to water, its benefits, its relationship with health, how it influences weight loss, and also the problems it can cause when we abuse from it, as they say out there “everything in excess is bad”.

First of all, let’s start talking about the ideal amount of water that every person should consume during the day. It is really not that easy to make this recommendation, as this varies depending on the age of each person, its gender, physical exercise, and many other factors. However, the general recommendation normally made by experts is around two liters of water per day.

Our body weight is made up of approximately 60% water. This is why it is so important to maintain good hydration, because our body is constantly active, carrying out infinite processes, such as the one of burning fat. Drinking enough water ensures that our body is sufficiently hydrated for these processes to be optimal and effective. If you don’t maintain a good hydration, this could affect all the body functioning, causing many problems, such as the famous muscle cramps. Every time you urinate, cry, and sweat, you are losing, not only water, but also many minerals, such as sodium, which although excess of them is harmful, our body still needs them to maintain good functioning.

So, how could we increase our daily water intake? A very good option is to drink fruit infusions, without any type of sweetener. Therefore, it will be just as natural as normal water and you will be able to feel a different flavor, since the same fruit will provide its own sweet. You can also start including soups in your diet, instead of using milk to make it creamier, you use the water with a good seasoning and it will be also very delicious. Finally, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in water, sometimes we think that we only find water in its liquid form and it is not like that. Cantaloupe and watermelon are fruits high in water, and when it comes to vegetables, cucumber and celery are ideal for this.

However, it is important to know that excess of daily water consumption can also cause problems. In the case of the kidneys, excess water could hinder them, since they have a limit capacity and if it is exceeded, they could collapse, because the kidneys have their work rhythm and having more water than the one necessary, means an excess of work. Regarding weight, many times we get up and feel heavier, especially women, as it is closely related to their hormonal state. The truth is that in most of the cases it is not that we have gained weight, but instead the excess of water can make us feel bloated, for example, it will reduce potassium in the body and this will generate fluid retention. Also, believe it or not, excess water can cause insomnia, since we will have to get up to the bathroom and this will interrupt our sleep hours.

So, today’s message is to visit your doctors and find out what is the appropriate amount of water that each of you should consume, depending on your weight, your gender and, in general, the lifestyle you have. Remember that not providing the body with enough water will be as harmful as not putting gasoline to your car.


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