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The organ’s meanings

blog 19 febrero 2021

The organ’s meanings

Hello LAUH365 Family.

Our body is the smartest machine that exists in the universe. This is why it is so important to learn how to listen and understand it. The ailments go beyond what is a “disease”, since our body is the reflection of the lifestyle we lead. This is why it is so important to learn how to receive all kinds of emotions, without avoiding them or trying to control everything, because by doing that, what we will do is basically intoxicating ourselves, and this is the reason why diseases are really generated.


Today we want to explain what our organs reflect so that we can understand where these bodily pains come from and therefore learn how to cure them.




Manage the will to life. It has a lot to do with fears, with the panics of the past. Cystitis


Urinary problems




It is our body’s second brain and our biggest drain. Manage emotional relationships. It also has to do with ingrained insecurities or insecurity when making decisions. Chronic stress. This is why we must learn how to eliminate what does not work.  





It is the fear of the “mine”, as, for example, my husband is mine, my children are mine. They are attachments that generate annoyance. Hernias




It is the oxygen that gives us life. For example, when we have a loss of a loved one, we lack that breath. Flu/Cold

Respiratory problems


The Heart

It is a continues circuit that receives and gives blood, so it reflects the perfection of the balance between what we give and receive in life. You have to learn to respect the rhythms of the heart.  

Cardiac problems



It is what we speak, the power of the word. It is also related to a lack of self-esteem or when we live in constant anxiety. Hypersensitivity. Sinusitis





How we carry the joy of life. It reflects when someone lives in absolute bitterness, when the person does not feel like someone nice.  



Remember that we must relieve our body of the stress of the day. For that, in addition to having a restful sleep, we should try to take at least 20 minutes at the end of each day for ourselves, and dedicate them to something that feeds our soul, doing a hobby that we love, such as, for example, meditating or reading. If we let our body accumulate from stress, sadness and anger, it will eventually be reflected in some disease and our health may be at risk. Learn to pamper yourself, your body will thank you for that!



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