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Perfect Tips for Christmas Season

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Perfect Tips for Christmas Season

Hello LAUH365 Family! As we have mentioned before, our brand was born to accompany you in your day-to-day body care routine. We know that December has arrived, a month full of celebrations and family events that involves food, parties and relax in general.

Remember, the goal is to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle. If we let ourselves take advantage of this festivities, at the end of the month we are going to feel frustrated, bad with ourselves, and this will lead us to fall into a stage where we believe that “not eating anything” is the best option. We believe that “restricting ourselves from all kind of food” or “doing a thousand hours of exercise” will be the solution to lose those extra kilos and feel comfortable with ourselves again.

I’m sorry to tell you that life doesn’t work that way. One of the most influential factors for weight loss is the way we treat our body: the extremes to which we take our body will only cause stress levels that will not give enough space and time for its proper digestion.

The only thing that these stress levels will cause to our body will be an increase in body fat and therefore weight gain as well. This is the reason why we want to share some tips that will let us enjoy this Christmas season in an easier and more bearable way. At the end, this month is supposed to be a season of joy with our loved ones, if we know how to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle, weight gain should not be a “problem” in our life:

  1.     The digestion process in our body activates from the moment we think “what are we going to eat”: Plan your meals! Choose what makes you feel good. If eating a chocolate makes you happy, eat it. If eating the entire bar makes you feel bad and remorseful, eat half of it and avoid that feeling.
  2.     Learn how to listen to your body “hunger” signals: give your organism the enough space to do its natural digestion process; otherwise, you will congest it causing, for example, constipation problems.
  3.     How much to eat? Your hands are a fantastic natural measurer: put your hands together and whatever fits in them together, is roughly the amount of food your body requires to feel good with every meal.
  4.     Eating when we are not in a good mood could leave us a feeling of boredom: Look for other alternatives different than food that could help raise your endorphins and make you feel better. Acknowledge your emotions before avoiding them with food.
  5.     It is normal to feel a bit swollen: By changing your day-to-day diet, weather alterations or consuming alcoholic beverages, will be factors that will make your body feel bloated. I recommend a good hydration, 2 to 3 liters of water daily. For this, we also have our Aceite Reductor that, thanks to its main asset, cannabis, will help your body reduce inflammation.

Remember that stress is the worst enemy for your organism. I assure you that by achieving a balanced lifestyle, your body and mind will be so grateful that, at the end, that could be the best Christmas gift you could ever receive. The change only depends on you, cheer up!


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