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Myths and Truths About Body Products

blog 5 feb 2021

Myths and Truths About Body Products

Hello LAUH365 Family. Today we want to talk about the myths and truths behind all those promises for weight loss. Currently, there are a thousand of myths that exist regarding this topic, however, this time we want to focus on four of them, the ones we consider the most important ones to disapprove in order to start that healthy lifestyle we want to achieve at LAUH365:




Eating many times a day speeds up your metabolism Your body, by nature, needs a certain space to digest each meal. If you attack your organism by eating food every hour throughout the day, your body will slow down, and it will reach a point where he will ask for help, since he will feel resentful and intoxicated from all of the food you have eaten. It is important to highlight the fact that your body does not take the same time to digest all types of food, for example, a pizza takes much longer to digest than a chicken salad. This is why it is so important to learn how to listen to the signals of your body, and start detecting the hunger signal when he needs “gasoline” for a better functioning.
Do not trust when the product says 100% natural Most of the times we tend to buy products and foods that say “100% natural” without first reading the ingredients label. It is very important to learn how to read these labels, because that’s the way we will find out if the product is really 100% natural. At LAUH365 one of our main goals is to become a 100% natural brand. Currently, our Aceite Reductor, being the cannabis its main ingredient, is our only product that is totally natural. The other three products have a couple of preservatives just to make sure they can last longer. However, we work every day in our formulas in order to make them as effective as possible and as the same time, as natural as possible. The reason for this is because your skin is your body´s largest organ. If you think about it, we put thousands of layers of products in our skin such as deodorants, perfumes, body soap, moisturizers, etc. Your skin needs to breathe, and this is why it is so important to nourish it with products that their ingredients are as natural as possible and, in this way, keep it radiant and healthy.
The famous “juice detox” to lose weight We believe that we have a wrong definition of what “detox” stands for. For us, a true detox consists of a diet loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All of this comes from plants, such as all the green ones, for example. Fruits also provide a great quantity of vitamins, which are an excellent alternative to use instead of medications. This is the reason why exposing your body to these extremes where you only give “juices” for a week, is also detrimental to health. A detox really consists of a balanced diet in order that your organism have an outstanding performance.
Diet and exercise are enough to lose weight This is probably the most important myth to debunk. Diet and exercise are NOT the only two factors that our body needs to lose weight. Losing weight goes beyond this. The hormonal status, quality sleep and time to rest, are some examples that greatly influence in weight loss. For example, you can have an excellent diet and you can have a lot of discipline to exercise, but if you do not have a good night´s sleep that recover and repairs you, eventually you will take your body to some stress levels where he will not have enough energy to do its respective fat loss process. Therefore, your weight may be affected, in some cases, it may go up, and in others it will simply go down. Either situation could be detrimental to your health.


If you consider having other myths that could be important to achieve a healthy lifestyle, your more than welcome to share them!



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