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Lose weight or reduce measurements?

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Lose weight or reduce measurements?

Hello Family LAUH365 Family. Today we will talk about the differences between losing weight and reducing measurements, since most of the people believe that these two concepts refer to the same thing, and it’s totally false.

First of all, it is important to mention everything that our body is build up from. More than half of our body composition is water, which is why there are people who suffer from bloating, linked to other factors; for example, sodium. Our body composition also consists of muscle mass and a percentage of fat, and it is very important to note that muscle has a very different weight than fat.

When the scale tells us that we have “lost weight”, it does not necessarily mean that we got “skinnier”. Many times, we weight ourselves and the number is less than the previous day, this is due to different variables, for example, that day we are probably not retaining that much of liquid as the day before. In the case of women, the fact of being on the menstrual cycle days, has an incredible influence, since hormones play a very important role in our body.

Another advice we give you is, do not weight yourself after having eaten a pizza, or a hamburger. First of all, it is impossible to gain weight in hours, in fact, it is unlikely to gain weight from one day to the other. It works the same when we start a diet or an eating plan, in one day you will not be able to see results. It may happen that you weigh yourself and after having eaten your pizza or hamburger, the scale shows a higher number. This does not mean that this meal has made you fat, but instead, you must give your body the respective time to digest that certain meal. People who suffer from constipation, should be the ones who should be less guided by their weight, since by not having a good digestion, the body tends to become inflamed and this will be reflected on the scale.

The best way to measure our “weight” is with our clothes, because clothing does not deceive. The reason for this is simple, and it is due to the fact that a kilo of muscle will never weigh the same as a kilo of fat, and this will make our body figure look totally different.

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By having a percentage of muscle mass much higher than of fat, the waist will look more defined, the arms, legs and, in general, the body composition that we have, will look more toned. By having a higher percentage of fat, our body will reflect sagging. Therefore, if we take a measurement in the waist and we are constantly having control of it, we can verify if we have really “lost weight”. You may even decide to weigh yourself and the scale could show you a higher number than you have had, which means that you are replacing your fat percentage by muscle mass and your body figure will look much more defined by reducing your fat.

There is no one magic formula out there to achieve an ideal body composition. For some people the Keto diet has worked, for others the famous intermittent fasting works, many prefer to eat gluten-free foods, and so on. The only thing that I can assure you is that the only way to achieve a body composition which we feel comfortable with, is to fall in love with our body, and when I say “falling in love”, I mean to understand that if I eat a salad, is not because I want to “lose weight”, but because I know and understand that these nutrients are needed by my body to have a good health.

Since in LAUH365 we are faithful believers in the importance of body care, we have created non-invasive products, focused on the natural line, with which our body will not create any type of dependence. If being “skinny” was easy, everyone would be skinny, and this is not the situation. This is the reason why today there are infinite “helps” to complement our diet and physical activity. A great alternative to complement your daily body care routine, is to include our Gel Liporeductor Caliente and Gel Liporeductor Frio. These two products have a powerful formula that will help you reduce those measures that sometimes cost us so much to lower.

So, for those people who are in a period of fat loss, be encouraged to try these two products that we can assure you, it will be a great help during this process.


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