Let’s talk about the Cannabis

Let’s talk about the Cannabis by Carolina Reyes and Laura Jaramillo

Let’s talk about the Cannabis

Our Aceite Reductor, with a high content of Cannabis, has a great anti-inflammatory effect, as we have verified it in ourselves due to the pain in the joints caused by the Arthritis. The Aceite Reductor, not only has aesthetic benefits, but also provide us great help in a healthy way. As we have told you, our goal is really to offer a healthy lifestyle with Lauh365, and for us, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond a body image.

Therefore, we want to list 3 great benefits of this active ingredient, the Cannabis:
1. It is a plant, therefore we are turning to the nature, instead of chemicals: This is a topic that I would like to delve into so we will talk about this more in detail in another article.
2. Relieves pain and muscle inflammation: Ideal for those who train with a lot of weight, as it has a relaxing effect.
3. It has an antioxidant effect on the skin: for those who suffers from redness in the skin, constant itching, or allergies, cannabis oil helps a lot to reduce this, and even in some cases, it eliminates it.

If you have any comments or doubts, don’t hesitate to share them with us. The idea is always to provide the best advisory to all of you.

Laura and Carolina.

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