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Body Care Routine

Today we will talk about how to acquire a body care routine. This is actually the reason why we are here, to help everyone to pamper ourselves and manage to have that body full of well-being and lots of love.

Let’s start with the Geles Liporeductores.

The Gel Liporeductor Caliente is designed to apply in the morning hours. You can accompany your exercise routine with this product, but it is totally optional. The way to apply it is after bathing. In the case that you use it to exercise, you should apply it about 30 minutes before you start the routine, so it has enough time to absorb well and, when bathing, it is very important that you apply it again.

The Gel Liporeductor Frio is designed to apply it at night before going to sleep and you should leave it in your body all the night so that it can take effect.

The Aceite Reductor and the Crema Anticelulitis can be applied either during the morning hours or in the night hours too.  By applying these two products once a day is enough, but if you want to apply them twice a day, you can perfectly do it, but it is totally optional.

With the Aceite Reductor, we recommend that you accompany the application with a simple and short massage of approximately five minutes, you can do it yourself. The reason for this is because the oily texture of the product is designed precisely for this, to be applied along with a massage. Additionally, this will help to perform a good activation of the cannabis in your body, potentializing the results and making them much more effective. If you use the Geles Liporeductores, you must apply the Aceite Reductor 30 minutes after the Geles.

The Crema Anticelulitis should also be applied after the Geles Liporeductores and you should algo wait 30 minutes after applying the Geles, same as the Aceite Reductor.

In the event that you are using the four products, what we recommend is to distribute the application of the products two in the morning and two in the night. Like this, your body will be protected the 24 hours of the day and will be constantly working to achieve noticeable results. We truly recommend a lot of discipline with the daily application to see really big changes.

Any other questions or doubts don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you in everything and provide you with the best advisory.


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