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Ideal Exercises To Burn Fat With The Help of Lauh365

blog 20 nov


Exercise is very important for our health since it is a source of vitality for our body. We have a bit distorted the idea that exercising means spending hours in the gym doing cardio and for this reason, for many of us, it has become a love-hate relationship.

At LAUH365, we interpret the exercise as: How active are you in your day to day? For this, we must find an activity that we fall in love with and accompany us in our daily routine. Today, we want to share a variety of cardio exercises so we can help our body to burn fat and reduce measures.

Cardio LISS: This type of cardio refers to a low intensity steady-state impact exercise. The LISS Cardio is for those who enjoy being on a machine exercising for a long time. The idea is to maintain a continuous speed for an extended period, 30 minutes onwards.

Cardio HIIT: It is a high intensity interval training cardio and is characterized by being done in a period of around 20 minutes; this being the big difference compared to Cardio LISS. The idea of Cardio HIIT is to try to elevate the heart rate above 85%. The rest periods can have the same duration, or even a little longer, of each exercise. For example, if you do 20 seconds of squats you can have 20 to 40 seconds of resting time.

Tabata: It is very similar to Cardio HIIT. The difference is that with this type of training, the resting periods between each exercise are shorter than the time you perform each exercise. Example: If you do 20 seconds of squats, the resting time would be approximately 10 seconds.

EMOM: Stands for every minute on the minute. The idea is to perform as many repetitions as possible of each exercise in less than one minute. Then, the time left of that minute is taken as a resting time. As soon as you complete the minute, you keep going with the following exercise.

Which one from these alternatives is more effective? They are all equally useful. The invitation is for you to practice them and find the one you enjoy the most. Therefore, we can convert that love/hate relationship with exercise into an activity that you enjoy doing in your daily routine. By giving time to your body, your life will change!


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