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How to avoid gaining weight?

Como evitar subir de peso 27 nov

How to avoid gaining weight?

Did you know?… The care that we give to our body is the main reason why we gain or lose weight. The treatment we give to our body is everything, if we eat salad to be skinny, we are wrong. We might even look or feel fatter the next day. In the same way it happens with exercise, the purpose of exercising should be to give vitality and health to our body and not “I want to be skinny”. It’s time to change the chip.

It is very important to escape from the stereotypes that society has governed us. How many people do not have a leg and live immensely happy? Meanwhile, there are the others who complain that their legs are not skinny. And now I ask you, is that really the lifestyle you want to live? Staying frustrated because your legs aren’t skinny? We assure you that it is much easier and more effective to go through the process of accepting and loving ourselves the way we are, than to spend a lifetime trying to be someone totally different.

Going back to the main question of how to avoid gaining weight, the answer is BALANCE:

  1.       For those who train constantly, it is very important to give the body at least one day a week of total rest. Opting for a walk is a great alternative for those rest days.
  2.       Regarding the subject of food, it is important to reserve at least a day a week to prepare the menu and snacks. In this way, we can provide all the necessary nutrients to our body. If you are not a fan of salads, we suggest mixing vegetables with fruits and do a delicious juice.
  3.       Sleeping is vital. Our body needs at least 7 hours of sleep a day to recover, and when we talk about sleeping, we actually mean to be really sleeping those 7 hours. If you are having nightmares, or if you wake up at night automatically thinking about work issues, you are not really getting that deep sleep that the body needs to achieve in order to get a complete rest. We suggest disconnecting from your cell phone half an hour before going to bed and thus clear your mind.
  4.       Finally, it is important to give space to hobbies. The body is so intelligent that it recognizes when you are doing a compulsory activity, or something that actually it really enjoys and feels pleasure. For example, if you like to paint, take time out from your daily routine to perform that action. If we take our body to certain levels of stress and fatigue, it will not have enough time to do the respective digestion it requires.

No matter how much diet we do, no matter how much exercise we include in our day to day, if we do not pamper our body and keep it in low stress levels, the only thing we are going to generate is actually gaining weight. The worst of all is that we will cause health problems to ourselves and we will even put our lives at risk.

Our purpose with LAUH365, apart from providing important body changes with our products, is also to generate the discipline of dedicating time to yourself and your body care routine. By achieving that change of chip, we will love and accept ourselves, radiating to others the immense beauty that is within each of us.


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