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How much time it takes to see results and, how to potentialized them?

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How much time it takes to see results and, how to potentialized them?

Today we want to talk about the requirements needed in order to achieve a successful progress with Lauh365 treatment and thus obtain effective results as soon as possible. In addition, we want to share some small TIPS to be able to enhance such results.

It is worth mentioning that, when involving changes in each person’s lifestyle, time, patience and discipline are needed. In the corporal universe it is exactly the same, because each body is a different world.

Some Lauh365 clients begin to see changes after 15 days, others take a little more than a month, the important thing is to begin to see the changes reflected in the body after a daily application of the products.

As we say, a salad is not going to make you thin, a pizza is not going to make you fat, and going one time to the gym is not going to make your muscle grow. The same in this case, if you apply the product once in a while, we will never really see those big changes.

If the application of Lauh365 products goes in hand with physical activity, a balance diet, and mostly good hydration, the results will potentialized and the changes will be even more noticeable.


  •         Physical activity: climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator, leaving your car as far as possible from your destination, and/or achieving a minimum daily step of at least 9,000, are perfect examples to refer to “physical activity. Well, when it comes to this, many people associate it with going to the gym, and “physical activity” really goes beyond that. It is really based on how active you are during your day. A sedentary lifestyle brings many health problems and it only depends on us to generate vitality to our body.
  •         Balance Diet: always include in your day to day the three macronutrients which are carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The key is to take care of your portions, not to eliminate one of them.
  •         Hydration: Our advice is to consume approximately two to three liters of water every day. This will help your body to eliminate the fat through the urine.

The recommendation is to take photos and, if you can also take measurements, even better. By this way, you can evaluate the progress you are making yourself. We would love you can take the opportunity to test Lauh365 products and see the results for yourself.

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