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How does caffeine affects your well-being?

blog 01 febrero 2021

How does caffeine affects your well-being?

Hello LAUH365 Family. Today we will talk about the caffeine and its health benefits. To begin with, it is very important to know what caffeine is and where it comes from. Basically, caffeine is a bitter substance and we can find it in more than 60 plants, these include:

–          Coffee grains

–          Tea leaves (not all of them)

–          Nuts to flavored some drinks, such as Coke

–          Cacao nibs to make chocolate.

An advisable amount to consume in our day to day is approximately between 150mg to 200mg. The question will be, and what is the amount of caffeine a Coke has, or a cup of coffee? We will mention the estimated amounts found in some drinks:

–          8oz of a cup of coffee: 95-200mg

–          12oz of a can of Coke: 35-45mg

–          8oz of an energy drink: 70-100mg

–          8oz of a cup of tea: 14-60mg

It is important to do emphasis in the quantities, since excess of caffeine in our body can cause health problems, such as tachycardia. This substance can also cause other effects, such as insomnia. For this reason, we do not advise taking any of these drinks, previously mentioned, before going to sleep.

With this in mind, we move on to the next point and is basically why is caffeine so important in an energy drink? Many of you know that for athletes, their perfect ally before training is to have a cup of coffee. The reason for this is because caffeine generates the energy our body requires in order to perform well during a training session. However, many others prefer to consume the famous “pre-workouts” and energy drinks. This preference depends more than anything on the person, however, it is important to keep in mind that these pre-workouts and energy drinks also have a formula, composed of other ingredients, many of them are chemicals, which make their effect much more powerful than just consuming the caffeine itself.

As we are a brand which our main purpose is really to generate a healthy lifestyle, we believe that the best option to provide energy to our body is by consuming just the caffeine, in other words, a cup of coffee would be ideal. Additionally, we trully believe that there are other ways to increase the effect of caffeine in our body that is not invasive, nor does it have repercussions on our health, this is the reason why we have our Gel Liporeductor Caliente. This product is ideal to accompany your exercise routine, and in general, to apply it in your day to day. Well, one of its active ingredients is precisely caffeine, and this will provide more energy to your organism and will help your body achieve a more efficient fat burning process.


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