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Carolina Reyes y Laura Jaramillo


Welcome Family Lauh365

We are Laura and Carolina, mother and daughter. We want to announce that today we are launching our blog, and what better way to do it by introducing ourselves so all of you can get to know us better.

We are Colombian. My mother is a dentist and practiced her profession for 9 years. Later she devoted herself to art and had her own gallery. I had the opportunity to study abroad and that’s when this adventure began.

Neither of us haven’t been the ones that loves spending hours in the gym, and to be honest, we haven’t been someone having a slim body figure. Instead, during our entire life, we have had a lifestyle where we have had to be aware of taking care of our body figure. During the time I was studying abroad, the exercise became my company and my favorite weekend plan. My mother, seeing how happy this lifestyle made me feel, began to search how we could get a product or service where we could contribute to the well-being of people, because that is really what exercise became for me, well-being, company, and in general, a lifestyle.

After taking the necessary time to do all the research and investigation, we managed to arrive at what today we known as LAUH365. We want you to know that our big dream is to become part of your lifestyle, accompanying you day by day in your daily routine, and achieve, not only feeling ourselves comfortable and healthy with our body image, but great selflove. Each body is a totally different universe, and so we must have to accept it and love it the way it is.

Thank you, a lot, for your trust and for choosing us as your preferred body care brand.

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