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Guide to create your own LAUH365 KIT

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Guide to create your own LAUH365 KIT

Build your LAUH365 KIT according to your needs! We have 4 lines in our portfolio: Aceite Reductor, Crema Anticelulitis, Gel Liporeductor Caliente y Gel Liporeductor Frío. The 4 of them are designed with the same purpose: Reduce measurements, lower body fat percentage and, in general, tone and shape the body figure. However, each product has different characteristics.

It is important to mention that our products are designed to act independently, in other words, it is not a requirement to use them all at the same time. However, if you use them simultaneously, you can definitely boost your results.

Our Crema Anticelulitis is ideal to apply on the legs and glutes. We recommend this product to treat cellulite, stretch marks, and flaccidity.

The Gel Liporeductor Caliente and Gel Liporeductor Frio are recommended for the abdomen and back area. If you are in a period of fat loss, these two products are indicated to accompany this phase, as they are focused on helping your body burn more fat during the day. You will notice that you are going to decrease your clothing size.

We recommend the Aceite Reductor for full body use. This product, apart from shaping and toning the body figure, will also complement a heavy workout, since its active ingredients produce a muscle relaxation effect, and thanks to its high concentration of Cannabis, it provides health benefits too.

It is important to highlight that:

  •         All products can be used in any area of the body, as long as they are body areas, they are not facial products.
  •         The texture and tissue that each body zone is build up with, is totally different from each other, therefore, they will respond differently to the treatment and the times of results vary.

Example: In the abdomen you can see the changes much faster than in the arms.

We will be looking forward to hear all your comments regarding this topics. If you have any doubts or concerns, don’t hesitate in sharing them with us. We are here to serve you and provide you with the best advice.

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