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Do Not Rinse, Let Them Take Action



Today we want to talk about the importance of leaving LAUH365 products in the body acting, without rinsing, so that they can take their time to provide great effectiveness and achieve optimum results. The idea is that once they are applied, we recommend leaving them in the body for a minimum of four hours.

The reason for this is because Lauh365 products are rich in active components, and maybe you are wondering, what are those active components? This are the ingredients that will make you reduce body measurements, or eliminate cellulite, or in general, make their effect according to the function of each product. In the event that you use any of our products to exercise, we recommend 100% the Gel Liporeductor Caliente. In that case, you must apply it at least 30 minutes before starting your routine so that your skin reaches an optimal absorption of its active ingredients and the product can provide great effectiveness while doing your exercise.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments, we will be very aware to help you in everything and provide you with the best advisory.


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