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Discipline VS Motivation


Discipline VS Motivation

Hi Family LAUH365:

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! We sincerely wish you all the best for this new year, but, most important, we thank you for your trust and for choosing us as your preferred brand for body care.

At this time of the year, many of us have returned to our routine, so we wanted to make this blog post a little more enjoyable, instead of being informative. Since we are just getting back on track and we do not want to overwhelm you all with information.

Our topic for this post is motivation. Many of us are coming home from vacation with a few extra pounds and we know that getting back to the routine is not easy but I assure you that the difficult thing is basically that, making the decision to “start” again.

Once this step is taken, I promise you that everything will begin to flow again. And when I say “flow” I mean that there will be days where we will be in our 100 out of 100, and there will be other days (surely many) that will be difficult and loaded with quite a few challenges.

To acquire and maintain a lifestyle, you require discipline, sometimes motivation will accompany us, and there will be other times where it will be difficult to find it. These are the truly important days because with perseverance of discipline, victories and successes will come along.

So, how to find motivation for those of us who want to lose those extra pounds after the holidays but who are having trouble starting again? We created some TIPS and we want to share them with all of you. We truly hope they will be very useful:

– First of all, and the most important thing, start changing the chip: it is not about losing those extra pounds to look skinny and/or pretty. It is actually about understanding that a couple of kilos less will generate well-being and good health in my life.

– Buy a new set of workout clothes, when you have it, you will want to try it on and that will motivate you to exercise.

– If you have pets, take advantage of that, and take them for a walk. Remember that what really counts is how active you are during the day. For those who do not have pets, call a friend and go for a walk. It could be a perfect way for each other to get updated from the vacations.

– Don’t compare yourself to anyone: if social media causes you anxiety, stay away from it for a few days. Each process and body is different, there is no magic recipe.

This allows us to see that motivation is ephemeral and we cannot base our life totally on it. On the other hand, if we combine it with discipline, we can acquire and experience a more effective process. The best way to put this into practice will be actually the decisions we will make day after day and the way we train our mind.

A perfect example to explain what I refer to “training your mind” is to be grateful to have had those days to disconnect and rest from your daily routine, instead of thinking  “I’m fat and I look ugly”. Which of these thoughts generates you better well-being and health? You choose.

Remember that discipline will allow us to start this year with the best energy. The results we will achieve at the end of 2021, surely depends on our discipline. Life is about learning, enjoy each adventure!


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