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Berries And Its Properties

Berries And Its Properties

Hello LAUH365 Family.

Today we want to share with you why fruits are so important to us, especially the berries. First of all, fruits, in general, are loaded with vitamins and minerals that our body needs to feel healthy. That is why eliminating them from our diet is not recommended, since your body will lack all those properties that come from them and can bring you consequences such as constipation, colds or, in general, sickness to your body. Your skin can also be greatly affected, because to maintain a radiant skin and avoid wrinkles at an early age, you need to constantly nourish it with all these vitamins and minerals that comes from the fruits and are free of chemicals.

In our case, berries are our favorites. Today we want to share with you the reasons why we love them so much and it could be a great opportunity for all of you to learn a little more about their properties and benefits:

– For those who are in a fat loss period, or who wants to maintain a caloric deficit in their diet (eat less calories a day than the ones you burn), berries have very few calories in big quantities, compared to tropical fruits, for example, such as mango, papaya, or banana. It is important to clarify that we are not saying that these types of fruits are bad, not at all, in fact, bananas, unlike the berries, provide large amounts of potassium. We are mentioning the caloric percentage fact since there may be many of you who are in a process of losing fat, and for this, berries can be an excellent ally.

– Fruits, in general, are considered to be high in their sugar percentage. So, for those who constantly use sweeteners, such as stevia, fruits can be an excellent alternative to start sweetening meals, instead of always using stevia.

– For those who have a sweet tooth, like us, fruits can be an excellent dessert option, because thanks to the fact that they are naturally sweet, due to their sugar percentage, they can easily substitute a dessert and can be really satisfying.

– We highly recommend consuming the whole fruit, not the juice. First of all, when you make them juice, they can lose large amounts of their properties, and second, it is much more satisfying to eat them whole, since it will give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period than if you drink just the juice.

Remember that even if you are on a strict regimen to lose weight, you should still continue to consume all the food groups and fruits are essential to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


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